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Alternative fuel vehicle sales for December 2007 (and end-of-year sales)

Posted by Car Geek on January 8, 2008

Image by Nathan Cahill, free for use in the public domain with no restrictions.

I will settle on a design for these graphs, I promise. This is looking like the most concise way to display the data right now, so I’ll probably stick with this – full credit to Google Docs for providing me with a place to store, analyse and display this information.

On with the actual data. The graph above shows the pertinent statistics for alternative fuel vehicle sales for the last six months.  Some points of note:

  • Total alternative fuel vehicle sales reached a six-month high in December, driven largely by private passenger diesel sales, which were up 19% over November and a massive 133% higher than December 2006.
  • The holiday period showed a slight drop of 7.5% in hybrid sales, but this was largely due to a reduction in the number of fleet sales. Private hybrid purchases increased 33% in December, up 82% from the same time last year.
  • 4WDs/SUVs showed a slight drop across all alternative fuel categories in December, reaching a plateau after a strong increase through 2007.
  • LPG model sales continue to drop across all categories, particularly in private vehicles.

This also marks the end of a year in which over one million vehicles were sold for the first time ever in Australia. How did alt-fuel vehicles fare in a year of rising fuel prices and increasing concerns about climate change?

Image by Nathan Cahill, free for use in the public domain with no restrictions.

Total alternatively fuelled vehicles (comprising diesels, hybrids and LPG) made up 10.4% of total passenger and SUV sales for 2007, increasing from 8.25% in 2006. Diesels spearheaded the charge this year, jumping 44% in year-total sales, mostly from private buyers. Fleet sales also noticed a considerable jump in both the diesel and hybrid categories as organisations moved to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel costs. LPG vehicles were, predictably, the only market to drop – the initial effect of the Federal government’s rebate wore off over the last twelve months. Hybrids recorded the greatest percentage increase in 2007, increasing 56% over 2006 sales figures.

Time will tell what’s in store for 2008. With any luck we may even see a new fuel category show up on these graphs, but if fuel prices continue to rise we’re only likely to see these numbers continue to increase.

(Source: FCAI)

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5 Responses to “Alternative fuel vehicle sales for December 2007 (and end-of-year sales)”

  1. Z said

    I expect you’ll see a lot more diversification of alternative fueled vehicles particularly plug in hybrids from GM and Ford. VW’s BlueMotion also looks to be a lot cleaner than current diesel technology.

  2. Nathan said

    Hopefully so, maybe eventually we’ll see some of that technology reach Australia so it can go into these statistics. 😉

  3. Z said

    Well, unfortunately a lot of clean diesel tech won’t work here as our diesel is way too sulphuric. Plug in hybrids and that sort of thing will really help in the short term, but it does shift the carbon source from 1 to another…

  4. Nathan said

    Yeah, luckily the sulfur content will be capped at 10ppm from 2009, though. It’s a shame we’re so far behind places like Europe in cleaning up our fuels.

  5. arvind said

    good article to read on……actually i m making my engineering project on it
    thkx a lot

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