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Piaggio launches a hybrid scooter

Posted by Car Geek on August 12, 2007

The MP3. Image from, licenced under CC 2.0. Yeah, I want one too. For many of us, a car simply isn’t necessary for many of the trips we make. Smaller vehicles, such as bicycle, motorbikes or scooters, are particularly well-suited to urban areas which currently have to deal with the dual problems of pollution and congestion. Unfortunately, many of the smaller powered vehicles aren’t exactly environmentally friendly for their size, with relatively few emissions regulation measures onboard when compared to their larger four-wheeled counterparts.

Enter Piaggio, the makers of the universally known Vespa, who have developed a hybrid drive for some of their range of scooters. The HyS system, as it is known, operates in three modes: standard petrol, hybrid (in much a similar way to Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive), and pure electric. The battery pack can be charged through both regenerative braking and conventional mains power through a plug-in capability, and has a range of up to 20 kilometres in pure electric mode. When operating in hybrid mode, the combined petrol engine and electric motor provide up to 85 per cent extra performance over a conventional petrol engine.

The HyS system will be available on the Vespa LX, the Piaggio X8 and the three-wheeled MP3 (pictured), and will be introduced in Australia at a date to be determined.

(Source: Piaggio Australia)


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