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UniSA develops Trev, a renewable energy vehicle

Posted by Car Geek on January 24, 2008

Stories like this are what this site is really all about. If you were paying close attention to last year’s World Solar Challenge, you might have seen this vehicle competing in the Greenfleet Technology class; if not, take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with “Trev”.

Image from the University of South Australia.

The two-seater renewable energy vehicle, developed by the University of South Australia, was designed with efficiency in mind, using just one fifth of the energy of a standard vehicle. The three-wheeled electric car is powered by 45kg of lithium ion batteries, giving it a 150 km range and a top speed of 120 km/h. Most of the vehicle’s efficiency comes from its light weight, sitting at just 300 kg on the scales thanks to its aluminium honeycomb and fibreglass body. Future models are expected to include a solar panel on the roof, much like the conceptually similar Aptera Typ-1.

One point that is important to note is that, being a three-wheeler, Trev does not fall under the category of standard cars, but rather motorcycles. That, of course, makes it one of the safest, most efficient and most comfortable motorcycles on the road, but you’ll still need a motorbike licence to drive it. The prototype is expected to be registered and on the road in 2008, according to UniSA, but you’re not likely to be able to buy one just yet – at least, not until someone picks up the idea to develop commercially.

(Source: UniSA)

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2 Responses to “UniSA develops Trev, a renewable energy vehicle”

  1. Ron Hughes said

    what sort of motor dos it use & are they redbelly available

  2. Dixit Gajera said

    I found the concept of renewable energy used in the TREV to be very much useful in developing the project of “Plan to reverse climate change” in the subject of the Renewable Energy Systems in LMEE 1st semester.

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