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Brief hiatus for this week

Posted by Car Geek on September 11, 2007

Updates will be sparse for the remainder of this week while I’m travelling, however the site will be running full steam ahead next week. In the meantime, keep a close eye on the Frankfurt Auto Show (currently underway), because there’s some great ideas coming out of there: the Opel Flextreme, which is based on the same E-flex plug-in hybrid platform at the Chevrolet Volt, emits only 40g of CO2 per 100km, thanks to its diesel recharging engine; the Volvo ReCharge plug-in hybrid, with a flex-fuel engine; and the Hyundai i-Blue fuel cell concept car.

See you next week!

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Hyundai won’t bring its hybrids to Australia

Posted by Car Geek on August 6, 2007

Hyundai i30, image from Hyundai AustraliaHyundai has stated that it has no plans currently to bring its hybrid lineup to Australia, choosing to rely instead on increasing its diesel range, according to carsguide. The car manufacturer currently produces hybrid petrol-electric vehicles for its home nation of South Korea and is looking into fuel cell development in the long term, but Hyundai Australia CEO Steve Yeo says that the short term non-petrol strategy will focus on diesel:

“[Hybrids are] for the future. For the time being we have a diesel strategy. Probably at the time of our i30 we can also give an idea of how to utilise our diesel strategy, including the i30.”

Hyundai’s diesel range currently includes the Santa Fe, with the i30 (which replaces the Elantra hatch) coming to Australian shores in October.

Source: carsguide

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