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Report shows Australians overestimating car pollution

Posted by Car Geek on December 7, 2007

Concerns about greenhouse gases and pollution are registering with Australian motorists, but many are unsure about the effect vehicles are having on the environment, according to a recent survey.

The survey, conducted by the Australian Automobile Association, shows that while 79 per cent of drivers are concerned about the effects of their cars on the environment, they believe that their vehicles contribute, on average, 36 per cent of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The National Greenhouse Gas Inventory lists the total contribution of road transport at 12.6 per cent of national emissions, and passenger vehicles contributing approximately 7.8 per cent.

Stationary energy production remains the largest contributor of greenhouse gases at approximately 51 per cent, with agriculture coming in second at 17 per cent.

46 per cent of the 1500 drivers surveyed believed they had a “rough idea” of the contribution of vehicles to greenhouse gas emissions, but many overestimated the contribution. Younger drivers in particular were more likely to overestimate the contribution of passenger vehicles, with their average estimate just over 35 per cent.

Despite the relatively smaller contribution of transport, the sector is the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, having increased 30 per cent between 1990 and 2005. Passenger vehicle emissions have increased 25 per cent in the same period.

(Source: Courier-Mail)

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Australian GHG emissions rising again

Posted by Car Geek on August 15, 2007

Recent Australian GHG emissions. Image from The Climate Institute.

Despite a brief drop in total emissions last year, the latest figures from The Climate Institute show that total greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise. The cause: the continued increase of electricity use, as well as a significant increase in emissions from diesel and automotive LPG in the past twelve months.

The Climate Institute’s chief executive, John Connor, attributes the recent rise largely to fluctuations in consumer fuel purchasing:

“Petrol emissions dipped around the time of the first prices rises but appear to be recovering despite recent price hikes. In the case of LPG, price signals plus direct subsidy assistance appear to be making inroads and consumption of automotive LPG has increased 2.5% between April and May.

“This highlights that while price signals like emissions trading have an important role to play, unless carbon prices are high, pricing alone will not be enough turn our increasing greenhouse pollution levels around in the short term.”

The continued rise in greenhouse gas emissions over the past two years means that Australia continues to edge closer to its unofficial Kyoto target, and may exceed it within twelve months at the current rate of increase.

I’m sure you all know what to do if you want to help turn these figures around by now: keep your car in good shape, inflate your tyres, use biofuel blends where possible, and above all, drive efficiently! Riding, walking and public transport can potentially save more than buying a hybrid vehicle, and they keep you in better shape.

(Source: The Climate Institute)

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