Alternative Fuels Australia

About the site

Your next car doesn’t have to run on petrol. Alternatives exist and they’re ready to be used today, but they’re hard to find in Australia, which is why this site exists. This site is here to bring you all the news about alternative fuels as they relate to the Australian public and to help you learn more about how the next generation of cars and fuels can help combat climate change and promote Aussie energy independence.

Unlike many other renewable or alternative fuel organisations in Australia and abroad, this site aims to be 100% neutral. The owner has no financial interests in any altfuel companies and we do not aim to promote any one particular technology or ideology over another. We believe that any step away from fossil fuels, particularly petrol, is a step forward, and the news you’ll find here will reflect that. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them to altfuelsaustralia at [removethispart] gmail dot com.

Most of the images on this site are licenced under Creative Commons. If you are the original creator of an image used here and wish for it to be taken down (or if we have incorrectly credited it), just email us at the above address and we’ll be happy to oblige.


16 Responses to “About the site”

  1. Nicholas Dattner said

    Hello there. I just came across your site whilst searching for alternative fuel for my new TD5 landrover. I guess you (whoever you are) only just got of the ground with this website so I hope it is a goer. We need something like this as no doubt in the near future we may well get a repeat of the ‘snake oil’ salesmen offering what sounds like something to good to be true. But I would really love to know if there is something I can do to power my Landy other than or together with diesel.

    Anynow know anything?


  2. Sameer Khayyat said

    Dear Sir,
    We would like to know more about your products,to be maybe your agent in the Middle east,if you want to contact us to my maill address above.

  3. Sameer Khayyat said

  4. Nathan said

    This is an impartial news site, no products or services are sold, endorsed or advertised here.

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