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Natural gas home refuelling soon to be available in Australia

Posted by Car Geek on January 1, 2008

Luke at Envirofuel made the discovery that FuelMaker Corporation is planning to soon release their Phill natural gas home refilling unit in a much larger number of countries, including our own. The unit is currently being sold in the US and various parts of Europe, and in some cases is being offered with compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to help promote sales. CNG-powered vehicles burn cleaner than petrol or diesel and are available in a variety of models overseas, including the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus.

It’s good to see someone trying to break the chicken-and-egg dilemma that faces many alternative fuels, but the question is, will we see cars to support it? The last manufacturer to seriously consider CNG was Ford, who has since chosen LPG as its alternative fuel of choice after producing a limited run of CNG Falcons a decade ago. CNG makes good sense as a short-term solution for increasing fuel prices, in the same league as LPG and ethanol, but despite Australia’s abundant natural supplies we have not taken advantage of it the same way other regions without our resources have. Perhaps this will help change things?

(On a side note, it’s interesting to see that the article about the CNG Falcon’s emissions focused mainly on ozone-forming pollutants, with not a mention of greenhouse gases. It’s interesting to see how far we’ve come in terms of fixing one environmental problem to facing another.)


28 Responses to “Natural gas home refuelling soon to be available in Australia”

  1. denis j schmidt said

    i am just about to import to australia a 2003 honda civic gx (nat gas) from japan.i will try then to buy the canadian Phill refuelling station separately .Do somebody knows if the gas refuelling inlet on the japanese civic gx is the same as the usa one?
    many tks
    d schmidt

    • Ron Ruys said

      Sorry, Phil cgoneby has gone bust. Try to get one here now, I have tried to get agencies, but no luck, someone has tied it up and now not doing anything. Story headlines should be changed, it’s not coming

      • charles said

        hi everyone i know of a company that bring in all systems for CNG here in australia, however they mostly deal on a large scale however there may be an oppertunity for small scale units shoot me an email if you are keen.

  2. adrian said

    Nathan can you please tell me the rrp for the home phill system. American sites are quoting 3400 us. Made contact with a guy in adelaide who is going to import them with a rrp $5000.00. This blows the whole issue out of the water if you consider the electricity consumed plus the cost of car and gas.

  3. Nathan said

    That seems reasonable, though I don’t have any information on how much Phill was planning on selling them here for (or even on whether it is still going ahead, six months later). Running a car on natural gas can cost as low as a third of what it would on petrol, particularly given the recent increases in petrol prices, so it’s up to you as to whether you think the investment would be worth it. Hopefully there might soon be some vehicles available that can utilise this cheap fuel.

  4. Tony D said

    There is a company in melbourne that have the Phill system.

    Advanced Fuels Technology
    PH:039338 1722

  5. Leza said

    There is a company in Melbourne who are trying to open a network of public refueling sites and Conversion centres to break the chicken and egg situation with CNG. I think they are also in the final phases of developing an “Australian” home compressor that will be much faster than the Phill. Apparently the Phill takes about 20 hours to fill a cars cylinder and is only good as a top-up device.

    They are OES CNG.
    Their website is

    I hope they are successful because they are the only company in Australia that seems to be taking this seriously and sticking their necks out.

  6. ANDREW said

    The biggest problem facing CNG is the fact that any new cars need to have a emmision test done and the kit needs to comply specifically with that model and engine group, there needs to be demand before the suppliers will spend the money and time on R&D.

  7. Josh said

    ActewAGL in Canberra have just comissioned a public CNG refuelling station which will be servicing Toll Ipec truck in the first instance.

  8. Ron Ruys said

    I have been pushing for Phil introducton into Australia for years now and still no sign of it. Government are not interested, Gas conversion companies are not interested, etc, And th Phil site is shut down. It’s a great idea with cars Like Honda making off the shelf CNG cars. So far I can’t see it happening.

  9. Ron Ruys said

    Seems most people here don’t know all the facts, Home fueling is good because it is slow fill, and easier, it needs to be coupled with a dual fuel system, to be good for Australian distances. There is a big difference between liquid fill and gas fill systems.

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  11. cipcipcia said

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  12. I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.

  13. yoda said

    I have started working for oes.cng in the last week as prod devlopment eng and we are working on car cng systems as of last week,our aim is to get as many cars on cng asap including old carby engines{my 4×4 is first next week}.We are also developing a faster home filling station which is also very high prioriy. The cng service station at aspendale gardens will be open in app 4 weeks amd more to follow including regional cities.All I can say for now except that cng will be seen on the roads more and more from this year

    • RAYMOND WALLS said

      Hi This mat be a bit late but I am looking at putting my BF Falcon ute on LPG as I have had 2 vehicles before on LPG.This NCG seems to be a good option.Have you guys done a Falcon 5.4 litre before.Any information or sites to look up would be appreciated Thanks Raymond

      • Josh said

        Contact Sean Blythe at Advanced Fuels to discuss, he has done this type of installation on a commodore v8

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  16. Bob G said

    Hi guys been watching all the comments for a while now just to let you guys know I have 3 vehicles on home refuelling CNG think you guys need to catch up a bit its not that hard to find the information req

    cya bob

    • Steve said

      Hi Bob G
      care to share your up to date info rather than me running around aimlessly looking for the latest info

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  18. Bob G said

    Hi steve ref letter dated aug 12 on this post

    bob G

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  22. bob Goss said

    Hi boys & girls soon to have a 4th vehicle of my fleet running on nat gas

    Bob G

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