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Alternative fuel vehicle sales for November 2007

Posted by Car Geek on December 20, 2007

Wow, this one is a bit late, isn’t it? Well, to make up for it, I’ve added a new feature to this regular section – now each month’s update will include a graph showing the past six months of sales in each category, giving an easy-to-read overview of how alternatively fuelled vehicles are faring in Australia.

Image by Nathan Cahill, free for use in the public domain.

Some statistics and trends:

  • Diesels continue a strong upwards trend in passenger vehicles and 4WDs/SUVs, particularly in fleet sales. Overall diesel sales were up 3.4% on last month and 48% on this time last year, and they continue to make up the bulk of Australia’s alternative fuel sales. Passenger fleet/non-private diesels are the strongest force behind the increase in sales, jumping almost 120% on last year thanks to more “clean diesels” hitting the market with impressive fuel economy.
  • Hybrid sales dipped last month, but remain up about 7% on this time last year. Once again, non-private purchases were responsible for the majority of the hybrid sales, showing growth against a decrease in sales by private buyers, compared to both last month and last year. The lack of consumer confidence may be due to the few hybrid options available and the appearance of more efficient diesels on the market.
  • New LPG vehicles maintain a steady decline, with the Liberals’ rebate now old news and many customers still preferring to simply convert their existing vehicle. Given that many fleet vehicles such as taxis are factory-fitted with LPG tanks, however, the market is likely to be there for a while.

A more detailed graph is available after the jump.

Image by Nathan Cahill, free for use in the public domain.

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2 Responses to “Alternative fuel vehicle sales for November 2007”

  1. A lot of interest are at play in the alternative fuel industry, and I believe that the oil industry has a hand in ensuring that there is no coherent effort to solve the transportation feul problem. I say this because I present use Water for gas which I found a couple of months back, and it baffles me why no one ever mentions it in the intellectual discuss about alternative fuel. My engine power has improved and I now enjoy over 200% MPG. Why is this over 90 years old technology stymied?

  2. Nathan said

    If you can explain how your system works, I’ll be happy to entertain the notion.

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