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NSW government allows hybrids to be used as taxis

Posted by Car Geek on November 28, 2007

Soon to be a common sight on Sydney's roads? Image from, licenced under CC 2.0. Sydneysiders could soon be hitching a ride in a much cleaner, quieter vehicle in the future, after today’s announcement from New South Wales transport minister John Watkins that taxi regulations are being changed to allow operators to use the Toyota Prius.

The Prius was trialled by the NSW government previously to determine its suitability as a taxi vehicle, with the results proving successful and commercially viable enough to allow permanent operation of the vehicles.

“I expect to see more and more Prius on the road as taxi operators strive to deliver greener options,” Mr Watkins said.

“Based on the popularity of the green taxi, I imagine we will also see a significant take-up of compliant hybrid vehicles in hire car fleets.”

The vehicles are especially well-suited to urban taxis, which start and stop frequently, and allows the vehicle to operate accessories such as air conditioning and the radio without idling, making it ideal for the long periods of time some taxis spend in queues.


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11 Responses to “NSW government allows hybrids to be used as taxis”

  1. Julie said

    Just last weekend (in Perth) I had a taxi driver ask about our Prius, which he saw when he picked us up. He seemed pretty keen on cutting the amount he spends on fuel.

    Why are there regulations about which cars can be used as taxis?

  2. Nathan said

    Perth is actually in the process of trialling hybrids as taxis as well, so hopefully that taxi driver can get his hands on one if they decide to allow them as NSW has.

    There are specific regulations about the size and number of passengers that a taxi can hold, mostly to do with seating. It’s possible that the Prius didn’t quite match up to all of those requirements, since it’s slightly smaller than the standard Falcons/Commodores/Camrys that usually serve as taxis. I wouldn’t be able to say for sure, though.

  3. toyotaz said

    If toyota prius is used as a taxi, then prius’ price will be falling down… like once happen in my country, where soluna used as taxi cars and the soluna price is falling as its prestige falling down too.

  4. What kind of regulation would stop Prius from eing used as a cab :-/ ?

  5. What kind of regulation would stop Prius from being used as a cab :-/ ?

  6. Ups, sorry for the double post.

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  8. 351 said

    Petrol produces 2.3kg of Co2 per litre.
    Diesel produces 2.7kg of Co2 per litre.
    Electricity produces ~3.0kg of Co2 per litre (thanks to our inefficient power stations!).
    …..and LPG produces 1.6kg of Co2 per litre.

    A bit of a publicity gimic it seems. A Hybrid with solar panels on the roof with LPG to suppliment power is the way to go!

    The cost of fuel should be factored in with the cost of maintenance and repairs, hence why Fords and Holdens on LPG are so popular. Prius and the Civic Hybrid (HCH2) are expensive and too small, also what I’ve found is that a tow pack is NOT available with ANY Hybrids.

    Being a Melbourne Cabby myself, is seems a bit of a publicity gimic it seems. A Hybrid with solar panels on the roof with LPG to suppliment power is the way to go!

    Now if they where to produce a Hybrid E-Gas car, I’ll put my hands up for one!

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