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Toyota wants government support for its local hybrid

Posted by Car Geek on October 28, 2007

Following on from the news that Toyota has plans to build a hybrid Camry or Aurion in Australia, there are now reports that the deal may hinge on support from the federal government for a friendlier environment in which to develop the vehicle. Toyota executives at the Tokyo motor show confirmed that they are considering building a hybrid vehicle in Altona, in Melbourne’s western suburbs, but would only do so if economic conditions were favourable.

Executive VP for global planning and operations, Tokuichi Uranishi, blamed the strong Australian dollar for the hesitation to build in Australia.

“We have lots of alternatives, (we can) take (a hybrid car) from Japan … or Thailand,” he says. “We are doing business, therefore we have to seriously compare which is the most economical way.

“[With] the very strong Aussie dollar, local production is getting very [difficult]. We are carefully looking at the movement of future arrangement of the import duty.”

If the economic conditions are considered appropriate, the new hybrid vehicle could be rolling off the production lines as early as 2010.

Toyota is certainly not the only Australian car manufacturer to be feeling the effects of globalisation, with the parent companies of both Ford and Holden seeking to draw their Australian operations back into their respective global families. This could mean fewer cars produced in Australia, perhaps, while they are cheaper to build overseas, but it may also afford us greater access to technology available in other parts of the world. It will be a tough decision for Toyota whether it decides to build a hybrid Camry here or simply import them, one that the government might see fit to help them make – particularly in an election year, with the possibility of more Australian jobs on the line.



2 Responses to “Toyota wants government support for its local hybrid”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the post! Was trying to find an article on this topic for awhile now, thanks again!

  2. This article is alright, not the greatest though… But it covered some key points of the topic. Thanks for posting this!

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