Alternative Fuels Australia

Holden backs diesel as an alternative fuel

Posted by Car Geek on October 21, 2007

Holden Astra CDTi. Image from, licenced under CC 2.0. Despite showing off an ethanol-powered Commodore station wagon at this year’s Sydney motor show, Holden has come out and stated that diesel is, in their opinion, the best fuel for Australia’s immediate driving needs.

Director of innovation at Holden, Richard Marshall, supported the use of alternative fuels but backed diesel as the best solution right now.

“We think drivers will begin to understand and choose the alternative powertrain solution that suits their transport needs,” he said. “Where drivers spend most of their time in heavily-congested traffic, petrol hybrids may offer the appropriate level of performance with low fuel consumption.

“For people whose driving habits typically include a mix of inner city, suburban and country driving, diesel vehicles may be more likely to deliver powerful performance and better fuel economy.”

Holden currently imports some diesel models, such as the Astra, but has no plans to build either a diesel or a hybrid vehicle in Australia in the near future. A hybrid Commodore would be “priced too high” without government incentives, according to Marshall, while a diesel version could cost more than $50 million to develop. No word was mentioned of Holden’s plans for biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

(Source: Adelaide Now)


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