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Adelaide students work on new hydrogen storage method for hybrid fuel cell vehicle

Posted by Car Geek on October 18, 2007

Image from the University of Adelaide. A group of students from the University of Adelaide has developed a one-tenth working model of a hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicle using a novel method of hydrogen storage.

The students, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, were exhibiting their work this week as part of a presentation sponsored by Santos and the Australian Institute of Energy. The team’s fuel-cell hybrid vehicle is a remote-controlled car that uses energy stored in a bank of rechargeable batteries and draws additional power through a hydrogen fuel cell. Rather than use a traditional method of storing gaseous compressed hydrogen in a tank, the students have opted for a safer solid-state metal hydride vessel that eliminates the dangers associated with high-pressure vessels.

Fuel cell hybrid vehicles are already in development and testing by a number of car manufacturers worldwide, such as Toyota and Ford, however most of them use traditional compressed hydrogen storage, which requires an expensive carbon fibre tank.

The exhibition also demonstrated other alternative fuel technologies, such as research into biodiesel from “microalgae” and its associated emissions.

(Source: University of Adelaide via The Advertiser)


One Response to “Adelaide students work on new hydrogen storage method for hybrid fuel cell vehicle”

  1. Hybrid said

    Are you guys as sick of high fuel prices as I am? It’s so sad that the US will spend 1,000,000,000 dollars a month on a war for oil yet they don’t invest that much money into research for alternative transportation… you could higher so many scientists for that much money just think…

    1,000,000,000 / 100,000 (Salary) = 10,000 Scientists

    If you could get 10,000 scientist working for 1 year on the fuel crisis we would have a solution in no time… yet their greed is causing us to pay high fuel prices and pollute the environment even more…

    I came by this link I found it interesting maybe you will too… driving on water seems like a bunch of ppl are trying to water down the gas with water somehow and get better fuel efficiency…

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