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Holden VE Sportwagon gets green credentials

Posted by Car Geek on October 13, 2007

Holden VE Sportswagon. Image from Well, props to Holden for keeping this quiet…maybe I’ll keep my mouth shut next time. 😉

Holden has showcased a special variant of their VE Commodore station wagon at the Australian International Motor Show this year, with a new engine management system designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The Sportswagon concept, which may enter production next year, is based strongly on the current VE Commodore model, with the Show concept housing two interesting developments.

The first is a cylinder deactivation system, which can turn off four of the cylinders in the Sportswagon’s V8 engine under low power conditions such as cruising or idling, essentially reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption at those times to that of a four-cylinder car. The technology is not especially new, with Holden’s parent company General Motors having worked on the technology for over twenty-five years, but it is rarely seen in Australian cars.

The second is a little more interesting, and takes its lead from sister company Saab: a fuel system that is optimised for use with ethanol-enhanced fuel, particularly E85. Unfortunately E85 is nearly impossible to find in Australia currently due to a lack of government support for it, but the vehicle can also run on E10 and pure unleaded petrol, albeit at a slight loss of performance.

The introduction of an Australian-made vehicle that is optimised for use with E85 fuel will hopefully put some pressure on governments and suppliers to provide E85 for public use. The age of the “thirsty Commodore” isn’t quite over yet, especially when it’s still using a thumping great V8 engine, but it’s a start. Who knows, one day Holden might even produce that foot-powered Commodore some stone-age journalists seem to think we’re after…

(Sources:, Daily Telegraph)


One Response to “Holden VE Sportwagon gets green credentials”

  1. jackson said

    i personaly think you should go ahead with it but the idea of a manual 5.7 ltr wagon would be a great seler im missing driving a new manual wagon i amoung alot of people work with want a manual wagon in a v8 but as yuo no they are not beeing made

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