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ibuyeco offers carbon-neutral insurance to Australians

Posted by Car Geek on October 9, 2007

Image from Autobloggreen Our green car options might be considerably more limited here than in other places around the world, but until we catch up, there’s always the old fallback of carbon offsets. ibuyeco, which originally launched in Britain earlier this year, is now offering its carbon neutral insurance policies to Australian drivers. The policies will include a surcharge that goes towards projects that effectively cancel the policy holder’s vehicle emissions each year.

The projects that the proceeds go towards will be managed by Greening Australia, who says that its carbon offsetting activities will meet the “Greenhouse Friendly” Australian government standards and will be independently audited.

Insurance companies have often been quicker to adopt climate-friendly schemes than other industries, being at particular risk from potentially severe weather events that could increase due to global warming. NRMA Queensland is also offering a carbon offset program, offsetting one tonne of carbon dioxide with every comprehensive car insurance policy until February next year, but the automotive sector in Australia has largely failed to take up the challenge to significantly reduce or offset the emissions from their products.



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