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September alternative fuel vehicle sales

Posted by Car Geek on October 3, 2007

Hybrid vehicle sales dipped slightly this month but remain considerably higher than last year, according to the latest figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. The figures show an improvement in overall vehicle sales in September compared with August of this year, however alternative fuel vehicle sales dropped by 4.6% in a month-to-month comparison. Hybrid sales recorded the sharpest drop of 6.9%, with LPG sales lowered by 6.5% and diesel passenger vehicle sales reduced by 4.3%.

The news is not all bad for alternative fuel vehicles, with sales continuing to rise strongly on average compared to the year to date sales for 2006. Hybrids lead the way with an impressive 80.8% rise on YTD 2006, thanks to the introduction of the Lexus SUV hybrid range into Australia. Diesel passenger vehicles also contributed to a strong improvement in private diesel vehicle sales, rising 76.6% on previous year to date sales thanks to a wider range of diesel vehicles available on the market. LPG vehicles dropped slightly by 2.9% for the same period, likely due to a waning in the interest shown in the federal government’s LPG incentive program.


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