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Could ethanol determine the balance of power in the next election?

Posted by Car Geek on October 3, 2007

//, licenced under CC 2.0. Queensland independent MP Bob Katter, who could hold the balance of power in November’s federal election, has said that his support will go to whichever party promises to mandate the use of 10 per cent ethanol in Australian petrol.

“I am not interested in ruling Australia. I am interested in what is happening to the people that I represent,” he said.

“And I tell you what, ethanol will be very high in my thinking on this.”

Alongside water infrastructure, Mr Katter lists ethanol as an important factor for the people in his electorate of Kennedy, located in central Queensland. Currently only the NSW state government mandates a minimum percentage of ethanol, with the federal government capping the maximum allowable amount at 10 per cent.

(Source: Courier Mail)


2 Responses to “Could ethanol determine the balance of power in the next election?”

  1. david said

    You’ve got to love the power of special interests…

  2. Nathan said

    They certainly don’t call it the “balance of power” for nothing. While it would be good for Australian farmers and good for the environment to mandate ethanol use (sugarcane being the most environmentally friendly source currently available), there’s an ethical question over whether it’s right to wield influence in such a way. I’d rather see E85 made available than E10 mandated for the moment, because there’s still many cars on the road which aren’t suitable for it.

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