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Qantas to offer carbon offsets to passengers

Posted by Car Geek on September 7, 2007

Qantas tail, image from, licenced under CC 2.0. Qantas will be launching a carbon offset program in late September, to reduce the impact of its air operations. The option will be available to customers to purchase carbon offsets approximate to the emissions generated from their trip when they buy their ticket. Rob Kella, Qantas’ chief risk officer, says that in addition to offsetting emissions generated by customers, the company will also offset all emissions generated from staff travel and ground equipment, as well as all emissions for the opening day of the program.

(Source: Climate Change Corp)


2 Responses to “Qantas to offer carbon offsets to passengers”

  1. pete ryaan said

    Rob kella from qantas is a dreamer, he thinks he is a player in the world of real estate …. but he never puts his money where his mouth is……..even his wife roxanne is a compolsive liar. says she is a buyer and is nothing but a renter, 3 yrs now and no purchase.

    He is supposed to be a risk management efficiancy executive. yeh right, all he does is waste other peoples time.
    We wont fall for you again kellas….just keep dreaming…

  2. wayne locke said

    i agree rob and roxanne are dreamers, she is full of shit……………… we played her all day when she thought she was playing us…..roxanne when will you tell the truth.

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