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NSW to Howard: leave ethanol out of a trade deal

Posted by Car Geek on September 6, 2007

Hon. Anthony Kelly MLC, image from Parliament of New South Wales With ethanol likely to be on the table during this week’s APEC summit, NSW Regional Development Minister Tony Kelly (left) is urging Prime Minister John Howard to keep ethanol out of any potential trade deal with the US to save the burgeoning industry in Australia.

According to Mr Kelly, jobs in the biofuels industry could be jeopardized if ethanol imports from the US increased. The industry “helps sustain employees that are involved at plants at Gunnedah, Narrandera and the township of Manildra itself, as well as Nowra,” he said.

“That just shows you how the ethanol industry can create an enormous number of jobs in rural and regional NSW, and how that can come under threat if we do some deal with America.”

Mr Kelly also pointed out the environmental benefits of Australian ethanol, primarily from sugarcane and wheat, over its US counterpart which is made from corn.

“The ethanol that’s produced by the Manildra Group at Nowra is much better for the environment than biofuels or ethanol that’s produced by corn in the US because what the Manildra Group use is the wheat starch waste and that leads to some 37 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

(Source: ABC News)


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