Alternative Fuels Australia

Biofuel industry to double in 2008

Posted by Car Geek on September 6, 2007

B20 pump, photo by Nathan Cahill.The future of the Australian biofuel industry is looking brighter, with the total production level expected to double to 600 megalitres in 2008, well in excess of the Federal government’s 2010 target of 350 ML.

APAC Biofuels, an industry consultant, released the predictions this week to the Advanced Global Biofuel Summit in Bangkok, also states that production in Australia could exceed 1000 ML by 2010. 

Other key points of the report:

  • Producers may have trouble competing “in the lower value energy market with higher value food commodities”
  • Drought, consumer acceptance and quality are limiting a higher production of biofuels
  • Tallow and waste oil are likely to play a much larger role in Australian biodiesel
  • Falling feedstock prices are the main driver for increased production of both ethanol and biodiesel.

(Sources: ABC News, The Australian)


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