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Toyota to wait until after elections for its hybrid

Posted by Car Geek on August 18, 2007

Although a homegrown hybrid is looking likely, Toyota isn’t going to make a final decision until after the federal election.

The Altona-based manufacturer says that it is likely to wait until after this year’s elections to determine the level of government support and subsidies it will receive for building a hybrid, likely based on either the Camry or Aurion models which are already produced in Australia. Toyota’s David Buttner says that the new model isn’t likely to hit the streets until about 2011.

“We want to build a hybrid in this country and we want to build one at Altona,” Buttner confirmed.

“We’re now talking about Camry or Aurion and it’s the right time with the mood at the moment and the governments are seen to be green.”

Currently governments buy the majority of hybrid vehicles in Australia, in particular the Toyota Prius, the world’s best-selling hybrid. That trend is beginning to change as new models come on the market and consumer awareness increases.

(Source: Courier-Mail)


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