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Tasmania gets ethanol fuel

Posted by Car Geek on July 31, 2007

Tasmanians can now use E10 ethanol-blended fuel as of this week, joining the rest of the nation (except for Western Australia). The ethanol blend will be available through all United Petroleum outlets in the state and is available in two varieties, Plus ULP and Boost 98 (both E10 blends mixed with unleaded and premium unleaded, respectively). Both varieties are expected to sell for a few cents per litre less than their petrol equivalents, and can be used in most post-1986 cars (particularly those that use fuel-injection rather than a carburettor).

“Ethanol contains oxygen and it helps the other components in petrol to burn more completely,” says United general manager David Szymczak. “It also has a cleaning effect on the car fuel system.

“Petrol with 10 per cent ethanol blend reduces carbon monoxide and total hydrocarbon emissions, and it contains less toxins and carcinogens than regular unleaded petrol.”

The ethanol used in Australian ethanol blends is made primarily from sugar cane and wheat byproducts. E10 is the highest ethanol blend allowed to be sold in retail outlets due to federal regulations.

(Sources: ABC Online, Mercury)


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