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"Greenbox" converts greenhouse gases to algae while you drive

Posted by Car Geek on July 23, 2007

Three fishermen from northern Wales have developed a device that captures 85-95% of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides in a vehicle’s exhaust and converts it to algae, which can then be used to produce biofuels.

The “Greenbox”, as the inventors have dubbed it, is a small bioreactor that contains algae that feeds on the emissions from the vehicle’s exhaust, as pictured above. The box can be swapped out when refuelling, where the algae can be processed into biodiesel as well as potentially methane and fertilizer. The three men who invented it are now hoping to get government or private sector funding to refine and improve their product.

(Not specifically Australian, I know, but something like this – if it can be shaped into a useful, workable product – is simply too great an idea not to talk about.)

(Source: Engadget, thanks to Karan for the tip)


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