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V8 Supercars help promote QLD ethanol use

Posted by Car Geek on July 16, 2007

Beikoff's V8 supercar, from Queensland state government is moving to promote its “+e” ethanol-blended fuel more heavily, with Minister for State Development John Mickel bringing aboard V8 race car driver Shane Beikoff as a spokesman.

“The +e campaign is designed to dispel myths about ethanol and provide motorists with information on the performance, health, environmental and economic benefits of ethanol blended fuels, or +e fuels,” he said.

Beikoff will be acting as a spokesman for the +e campaign, as well as advertising the campaign on his V8 race car. The V8 Supercars are using a 5% ethanol blend for the duration of the 2007 season.

The Queensland government has also appointed Juliet Potter as a +e spokesperson. Potter is “is regarded as the pre-eminent female auto industry expert primarily through her work on the internet and her role as Director of”, according to the Queensland government.

+e is a 10% ethanol blend that can be used in most post-1986 vehicles. It is available in a wide variety of locations throughout Queensland.

(Sources: PressZoom, QLD Government)


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