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Peugeot to add a hybrid to its lineup

Posted by Car Geek on June 28, 2007

Peugeot 308, licenced under Creative Commons

It’s no secret that Australia’s choices in hybrid cars are limited at best, so it’s always good news when a new one pops on to the market. The new Peugeot 308 will make its debut at Frankfurt in September, with the choice of either a petrol or turbocharged diesel engine as well as a hybrid diesel powertrain, according to CARSguide. The petrol and diesel models will be shown at the Melbourne Motor Show next March, with the hybrid likely to arrive in 2009. An E85-compatible model is also expected at some point, but is unlikely to be released in Australia due to the unavailability of E85 petrol.

The 308’s fuel economy and emissions numbers are impressive, with the smaller petrol model using 6.7L/100km for 88kW of power and the 2.0L diesel using only 5.5L/100km but providing up to 100kW. The HDi hybrid diesel engine’s numbers remain a point of some contention, with sources claiming anywhere between 4.5L/100km and as low as 3.4L/100km for the 1.6L, 66kW engine. Emissions for the diesel hybrid also vary between 90 and 120g/100km of carbon dioxide. One thing that is guaranteed on the HDi is the inclusion of an all-electric mode under 50km/h, as well as regenerative braking and a stop-start motor that switches the engine off when idling to conserve fuel. Prices for the new models have not yet been confirmed.

(Sources: Green Car Congress, CARSguide)


2 Responses to “Peugeot to add a hybrid to its lineup”

  1. T. said

    slick car! Too bad the dont sell them here in the US.

  2. Nathan said

    Definitely a shame, I know there’s a market for them. Diesels have a hard time in the US thanks to the EPA regulations, but if this couldn’t pass it I don’t know what would! Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll announce something at Frankfurt.

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