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Algae biodiesel trials underway in Australia

Posted by Car Geek on June 26, 2007

Victoria’s Hazelwood coal power station, not exactly known for its clean environmental record, is the site of a trial for a new form of biodiesel. Biofuel company Energetix is testing some US-based technology there that allows them to produce biodiesel from algae, rather than the traditional canola or soybean crops. Algae biodiesel has a far higher yield per hectare than traditional crops, with much higher energy returns, but is still in the experimental stages. The algae feeds on carbon dioxide from the power plant. Energetix’s managing director, Mile Soda, says the initial results have been encouraging.

“What we’ve been able to successfully do is take the liquid, or the oil, and have our partners in the United States turn that oil into biodiesel,” he said.

Biodiesel from conventional sources is already available in limited areas in Australia, but Energetix hopes to see algal biodiesel in production within two years.

Source: ABC News


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  1. andrew said

    Good on you Mile. Andrew

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