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Hino releases hybrid truck

Posted by Car Geek on May 20, 2007

Road freight makes up a significant portion of Australia’s transport emissions, so it’s little wonder heavy vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce their fuel consumption. The Hino Hybrid, released this week at the Queensland truck and machinery show, shows that some companies in Australia are getting on with the job.

The Hino Hybrid’s recent marathon test run generated a fuel consumption of just 10.9L/100km over 512km of inner-city driving by virtue of combining its 110kW common-rail diesel engine with a 23kW electric motor and a start-stop system that turns the engine off when idling.

In a press release, Hino claimed that the new hybrid truck represented a 20 per cent saving in fuel consumption and 25 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over similar-sized trucks. Additionally, the new truck reduces particulate emissions by up to 85 per cent.

The truck is designed to be most effective in urban driving conditions, where frequent idling in traffic and at red lights results in inefficient fuel use.


8 Responses to “Hino releases hybrid truck”

  1. Hino Trucks announced that it would add $6700 next year to the price of a Hino truck with 2010-compIiant emissions technology.

  2. Auto1 said

    Gotta love a hybrid, not this, not that, a mish mash.

  3. t least it will cut down emmissions

  4. Truck said

    We just need a clean cheap alternative, this really is a stop gap, a solution needs to be found.

  5. Nissan4x4 said

    25 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over similar-sized trucks….This is a great start!

  6. I totally agree with you.

  7. Solar power would be 100 percent cleaner!

  8. Hino said

    Show us a vehicle thats fast and solar powered?

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