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NSW to mandate E2 in fuel

Posted by Car Geek on May 14, 2007

From September, New South Wales will be the first state in Australia to mandate the use of ethanol in all petrol, according to Regional Development Minister Tony Kelly. The legislation requires all wholesalers selling to retailer in NSW to provide petrol with two per cent ethanol content, with the possibility of E10 currently being researched by the premier’s “E10 taskforce”.

“The two per cent mandate is the first step towards a broader use of ethanol and alternative fuels,” the minister said in a statement. He also accused the government of “going missing” on biofuels, saying that “Australia deserves a national system and a national market but we cannot afford to wait while John Howard dithers.”

Impact: it was less than a decade ago that ethanol was getting some very bad press about the potential damage it could do to cars. Since then we’ve seen fuel prices skyrocket, climate change make constant headlines and the public perception shift to a more sustainable view, but there are still plenty of people who remember the stories from the past about ethanol and are very wary of it. E2 won’t make much of a dent in Australia’s transport emissions or fuel imports, but it won’t damage any cars either. This move is a good first step towards increasing Australia’s ethanol production – widespread availability of E10 won’t be far away for the large number of cars that can use it, and the legislation puts pressure on auto manufacturers to ensure that their cars are certified for various blends.


2 Responses to “NSW to mandate E2 in fuel”

  1. karan said

    I’ve seen E10 becoming more and more visible around Sydney, with the price difference being about 3 to 4 cpl. I’m a little reluctant to try it as yet – none of the close ones to me have it – but I think people are definitely picking up on it, especially on the expensive days. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any measurable drop in price even with E2.

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